Rebel and Bea Reveal All! Meet the Stars of our Ad! Rebel and Bea Reveal All! Meet the Stars of our Ad!

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Rebel and Bea Reveal All! Meet the Stars of our Ad!

You’ve seen our ad, now meet the team! Following a fun couple of days shooting on set in London, Rebel and Bea (and their owner, Kathleen) joined us for a quick catch up so we could get to know them a little better.

Pet Profile, Bea

What’s the story of Rebel & Bea?

After I lost my previous two rescue dogs, I adopted Rebel and Bea. Rebel arrived first at 18 months of age and Bea 6 months later at 9 months of age. It took some time for them to settle in and get used to each other but are best friends now. 

Rebel was found as a stray and brought to the rescue centre and Bea was given up as she was too busy for the previous owners.

REbel Pet Profile

Are they always good friends?

Yes, well, most of the time, sometimes they have their moments, but I guess it’s like brother and sister. They respect each other and never have any serious arguments. 

How is the training process with a rescue dog?

Time and patience are what you need with a rescue dog but not only with a rescue dog, with any dog in fact. At the beginning it’s all about getting to know the dog and settling in and bit by bit so you know what they like and dislike.  I have trained them the way I would train with a none rescue dog, basics first.  

How do they like to relax?

Rebel and Bea are both busy dogs, but they like to cuddle up on the sofa at the end of the day. Rebel also loves to sunbath and sleeps in sunny spots he can find in the house.  

Do they have a favourite place to walk?

Yes! Rebel and Bea love the forest, running through the leaves and sniffing the ground – just perfect. 

 Do they have a favourite treat?

Cocktail sausages! These always work.  

What advice would you give for those who want to train their puppies and dogs?

Training a dog is not a race, time and patience and understanding the dog is very important. Watch your dogs and ‘see’ what they are telling you. Reinforce the behaviour you would like to see more often. Play with your dog so you can build a nice bond.    

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