Quita and Coco Lee Tell All! Meet the Stars of our New Adverts Quita and Coco Lee Tell All! Meet the Stars of our New Adverts

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Quita and Coco Lee Tell All! Meet the Stars of our New Adverts

Our fun-filled two day shoot down in London seems like a lifetime ago now, but two of our stars Quita and Coco Lee (and their owner, Robert) perched with us for a while to give us further insight into the glamourous lives of a travelling parrot and their feline best friend (ish!)

How did the unlikely pairing come about?

As a child, after learning about the famous Alex the African Grey Parrot, I had always wanted a parrot. Mainly because I had a lot of pets growing up and when they died, it was always very tough on me. I wanted a pet that lives a long time. So as soon as I was able to get an African Grey, 2010, I got one. Her name is Coco Lee after the Hong Kong pop singer. I got Quita our cat (short for Chiquita banana) as a kitten in 2019 and so she grew up with Coco Lee and sees her as part of her family. My home in California was essentially a utopia, with dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, rabbits and an iguana living in harmony with each other. I always found if you treat the animals just like other humans, they will coexist with no problem.

coco lee


Are they always good pals?

Coco Lee and Quita mostly get along well but not always. Both Coco Lee and Quita can be temperamental. Quita is a lot more playful than Coco and if Coco doesn’t want to play, she’ll fly away. Sometimes Quita can also be too rough so if playing together, they always have to be monitored. 

How does the training process differ for each animal?

It is the same. I treat Coco Lee and Quita both as if they are human and equal members of the family. Coco Lee and Quita learn as they play and go through their lives - before the pandemic, many adventures outdoors although these have been subdued during the pandemic.

 quita cat

Do either of them have a favourite treat/command/saying that you know will always work?

Coco Lee’s favourite treats are bananas and pomegranates. Coco’s favourite command is probably, “time for a walk” since her favourite phrase is “go for a walk.”

Quita’s favourite command is a special whistle I developed for her. She generally always comes if I make this whistle to “make biscuits” and cuddle.

Does Coco talk a lot at home?

From sunup to the time we go to bed, Coco talks throughout the day. Music is left on for the animals all day and she definitely has her music preferences. She loves music in Spanish, I think that is because in the first four years of her life we lived with Spaniards. 

What would your advice be for those who want to train their cats or birds?

Number 1, you need to love animals; number 2, you need to be mature enough to make a lifelong commitment (either theirs or yours, depending on lifespan); and number 3, you need to be someone who enjoys responsibility, repetition, and the monotony of life (so if you like knitting or gardening, you’ll also probably be a good person to care for animals or anyone really).

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